Download Alienware Control Center

Alienware Control Center Download – Dell Alienware Control Center is an application that allow you to manage one or more Alienware gaming monitors. you can manually set the displayed image, assign automatic settings, set the power consumption, rotate the image and use other functions eith the Alienware Control Center.

After installed Alienware Control Center, the software runs after each startup and your icon appear in the notification area if you use Windows 10 and you can see on taskbar if you use windows 8.1 or lower series. When you click the Alienware Control Center icon in the notification area, the Quick Settings dialog box appears.

If more than one supported Alienware monitor model is connected to the system, you can select a target Alienware monitor from the menu that is available. You can also change the screen resolution by effortlessly arranging the window layout of your monitor. you can download Alienware Control Center from link below, go to Dell Display manager for other monitor software.

Alienware Control Center download for Windows

Alienware Control Center

Alienware Control Center Installation

  1. Identify the device driver and Software in the categories that are displayed on the download page.
  2. Click Download to the Dell Monitor drivers you want to update and save the file. Note the location where you will save the downloaded file.
  3. With Windows Explorer, navigate to the location where the downloaded file was saved.
  4. Double-click the driver’s .exe installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  5. Some device drivers may prompt you to restart the computer to complete the installation process.

Alienware Control Center is compatible With Alienware Gaming Monitor. if your monitor is one of the series, you can download Alienware Control Center from this link below.

Alienware Control Center Download

Alienware Control Center Application
Alienware Gaming Monitor Control Center Application and Driver Download
Size: 8.34 MB